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ATTENTION: Executive Directors, Senior Managers, Program Directors, and Training Officers at State Service Commissions and
AmeriCorps Program Sites

What difference would it make to you, the people you manage, your Members—and the people you serve—if you could:

  • Communicate performance expectations more effectively?
  • Improve your ability to deliver constructive feedback?
  • Increase accountability and raise the bar on performance through the management climate you set?
  • Integrate coaching into your daily management responsibilities so that you can engage and develop people more effectively?
  • Learn how to practice management coaching without leaving your office, and at an affordable price?

If these are outcomes you'd like to have as a manager, then
The Trainers Consortium is pleased to offer -

Manage for Performance—Coach for Development

Welcome to Management Coaching

"Being an effective manager is not easy. I always want my staff to feel respected and valued but also want to make sure that we are meeting the goals and expectations of our department. The lessons, assignments, group calls and one-on-one time from the Management Coaching team have given me many new tools to be a more effective leader. I truly believe the time that I carved out to complete this program was well worth the time and money."

Carrie Brainard, AmeriCorps Program Director, West Virginia Department of Health

Management Coaching is a 4-week virtual training + e-coaching program for management staff in nonprofit organizations who want to improve their ability to manage, engage, and develop their staff, AmeriCorps Members and volunteers.

By the end of this unique, online training you’ll explore:

  • What management coaching is
  • Core competencies of management coaching
  • Feedback methods to optimize performance
  • Triggers for when you should coach, when you should manage, and when to integrate the two
  • How to conduct coaching conversations
  • Ways to partner with both employees and members to share responsibility with you in setting and pursuing their professional development goals
  • How to increase workplace accountability and engagement through management coaching

Each Monday, a training module will arrive in your inbox with content, best practices, and exercises that cover the following learning objectives:

Exploring Management Coaching Principles

  • Definitions & Distinctions

  • Management Coaching Competencies & Philosophy

  • Benefits for Professional Development, Engagement & Retention

  • Learning to Deliver Challenging—But Constructive—Feedback to Optimize Performance

  • Understanding the Triggers Indicating When Managers Should Coach, Teach or Monitor

Supporting Career Management & Development Plans

  • Strategies to Practice Career Assessment & Development During--& After--AmeriCorps

  • Aligning Career Development Goals with Professional Development Services for Members and Staff 

  • Identifying & Measuring Performance Goals for Career Development & Management Services

Creating Meaningful Member & Volunteer Experiences

  • Identifying and Discerning What makes an Extraordinary Year of Service
  • Aligning Member Goals, Self-Awareness & Accountability

  • Exploring the Role of the Manager/Coach in an Extraordinary Year of Service

  • Exploring the Role of the Member in Achieving an Extraordinary Year of Service

Practicing Management Coaching Methods

  • Exploring Coaching Models, Sample Questions, & Conversations 

  • Case Studies:  Management Challenges and Coaching Solutions

  • Crafting Your Management Coaching Development Plan

  • Creating a Culture of Coaching and Accountability

Here's how the program works:

  • Every Monday for 4 consecutive weeks you will receive a module in your email inbox.
  • You review the module, do the assignment, and turn it in.
  • We provide written feedback, technical assistance, and unlimited e-coaching to you over the 4-week course.
  • Once a month, you will have an opportunity to participate in an “open group call” with other people currently enrolled in the course.
The Trainers Consortium reserves the right to make running changes in the content and delivery of the Management Coaching program as needed.

Note: Both one-on-one executive coaching services and onsite training are available for Management Coaching enrollees, for an additional fee.

All these Management Coaching learning and development outcomes are yours for the asking - and at an extremely budget-friendly cost!
  • Only $147.00 per person - so sign up today!

  • Payment for this course is available through PayPal, by check, or we can provide you with an invoice to submit to your agency. Please indicate which payment method you prefer on the registration form. Your first module will be delivered the Monday following confirmation of payment.

  • Please submit your information below, then watch for an email requiring you to confirm your registration.

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